MSP Partner Success

Client:  National MSP Provider supporting a Fortune 100 Insurance Company with development teams across the United States

Our client, a Nationally Recognized MSP provider, supporting a Fortune 500 Insurance Company is focused on capturing a local contingent workforce of software development talent to drive modernization initiatives across the enterprise.  The MSP Provider engaged Softworld, Inc. to provide onsite niche development support to their Regional Corporate offices in the Boston, MA area & Seattle, WA.  The end client enterprise development team had fallen behind on product delivery timelines and critical staffing support was required to meet stakeholder and client business objectives.

Our MSP client required a group of software engineers, steeped within the .NET Full Stack environment, which could work collaboratively with team analysts to design & develop new product platforms, features, and sophisticated levels of functionality.

The Challenge

Our client was tasked with sourcing a coast-to-coast development group that was able to engage in a cross collaborative development fashion in two disparate time zones.  The end-client had challenging product delivery deadlines requiring immediate sourcing, vetting and on-boarding of no less than six core developers within a two-week timeframe.  The client had worked with various vendor partners previously to fill these roles but turned to Softworld, Inc. exclusively when the lack of contingent labor sourcing efforts resulted in a significant bottleneck of product development.

The Solution

After careful review of Softworld, Inc.’s MSP Fulfillment capabilities, the client quickly engaged us.  Our MSP Fulfilment Group centers its focus on four cornerstones of partner support. First, immediate prioritization is made to align sourcing activity with client’s technical requirements. Second, a two-tier vetting process is assembled to quickly review all first level candidates.  Third, efficient lines of transparent communication are created to provide client with an unfettered view of all qualified candidates. Fourth, immediate background check & onboarding activity is initiated once the end client has made their final determination on candidate selection.  The above best business practice enabled Softworld, Inc.’s client to assemble a supplemental development team, operating on two coasts, within two weeks from initial agreement.

The Success

During a period of significant contingent workforce need, coupled with an unprecedented end-client project demand, Softworld, Inc.’s MSP client became quickly aware of our ability to align internal resources to efficiently acquire the proper technical assets.  The ability to carefully listen and understand our MSP client’s needs was paramount to our ability to successfully execute on assembling multiple development teams.  Our MSP client was able to rely on this partner support in the renewing of their direct client multi-year agreement, and Softworld, Inc. has leveraged this experience & expanded the reach of their MSP Partner Program; now successfully serving the largest programs across the country.